Verona's Ponte Piedra crossing the Adige River

Suggested Itineraries

Our most popular itineraries can now be downloaded and co-branded for you to share with your clients! These suggested itineraries are an easy and convenient selling tool for you to use as you please. The itineraries are land-only, with sightseeing tours and excursions included.

FIT Suggested Itineraries: Our FIT suggested itineraries are for one to nine adults in a party or less than five rooms total. These itineraries serve as suggestions for your clients and can easily be tailored to the interests of your clients. We also proudly offer custom service requests for tours or services not available on our website.

Groups Suggested Itineraries: Our groups suggested itineraries are for groups of ten or more adults, or at least five rooms total. These are real examples of itineraries we've designed in the past and have had huge success with. Each itinerary is only a suggestion and may be personalized to your group's interests and preferences. Our top tip for planning a group itinerary? Start at least 10 months in advance.


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